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The Dream Factory
So here you are my friend
Sitting comfortably
Look at me on the screen
Single eye of TV
I created dreams for you
It's just a fantasy
I will show you the truth
But you must stare at me

Watch me !
I'm a liar in disguise
I'm your TV !
Then let me be your guide
And you will see
A world of happiness
No No No loneliness...

I made a star apprentices
I'll show you the right candidate
You'll see pretty girls in spotlights
So sexy so real without fake

So here you are my friend
Finally under control
All the things I can tell
Keeps you under my spell
Then you won't be afraid
You must be just happy
I will make you forget
Hunger and misery
Watch me !
I'm a genius in a bottle
I'm your TV !
The opium for the people
Then you will see
A crazy world of strass
Like Like Like broken glass...

I will make you buy the good things
Especially those which you don't need
Maybe I will force you to sing
Silly songs and you'll be fan !!

Watch me !
I'm a miracle of all sciences
I'm your TV !
The parasite of the consciences
And you will see
The world belongs to me
Belongs to ME !