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Traders of Death
Holding briefcase and wearing sunglasses
Their steps leave imprints of death in ashes
They bring sophisticated technology
Result of research in laboratories

They can provide easy terms of payment
There is no need for any bank statement
Dirty money filling their huge pockets
Take the dollars and send out the rockets

They are not afraid to equip children
It doesn't matter if nations are in flames

The traders of death infest the planet
Selling to offer the most ultimate
Make war is a profession for soldiers
The traders of death are their suppliers

They know unreliable politicians
Fiscal paradises in the Carribbean
Under cover behind their computers
They instigate the hate and the anger

In catalogues you can choose all the bombs
Machine guns and lethal weapons
The most powerful to cover the miles
Uzis, Armalites, even cruise missiles

They don't care about genocides
They know only profit decides
It brings back some cash, that's business
No doubts, no remorse, no regrets